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Work is progressing on installation of a septic system thanks to the generous donations of several local businesses including the Grafton & Upton Railroad for their donation of sewer gravel, A.J. Fiske Trucking & Excavation for trucking and excavation services and Arcudi Oil for supplying the fuel necessary for this phase of the project.

Please visit our Project Progress page for more information. 

We are currently in need of a number of  items to complete the septic system:

Minumum of 90 feet of Schedule 40 PVC Solid 4 Inch Pipe

  • 2 Elbows (for above)
  • 4 T's (for above)
  • 3 Caps with Screw Covers

One 5 Outlet Distribution Box (D-Box)

Click Here for the Complete List of Items Needed for Our Septic System Project. 

If you are able to donate any of these items please contact us through our contact form to coordinate your generous donation or call committee member Joyce Gilmore at 508-473-8352 

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